Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Revolution of Cupcakes!

Now, some months ago, I mentioned how I thought the whole wedding cupcake hype had died out for me. Well, it's back and that's thanks to the rather fabulous and incredibly quaint Sweet Tooth Cupcakery. This is, to my knowledge, the only cupcakery of its kind in Manchester.

Not only does it serve up delicious looking (and tasting) cupcakes...but the cupcakes have names! I'm not talking about the standard names like 'Victoria sponge' **snore**.. I'm talking about totally funky, retro and fresh names like 'Doris Day', which is  'Tangy lemon buttercream encrusted with chunks of meringue and lemon glitter', whilst the 'Johnny Cash' (gotta love it) - ….. 'Vanilla and Oreo cookie crumb buttercream topped with a mini Oreo' - yes, you heard oreo cookie plus a cupcake = eatery heaven! I think today I'll be sampling the Chaka Khan, a 'rich chocolate buttercream, toasted coconut flakes and gold glitter'! YUM!

You can event sit in this little joint, but be warned it's a mighty popular place (amongst the savvy few that know about it) and space gets taken quickly! They also do five dollar shakes... YUM, so make an afternoon of it and try the American, more retro and totally fun version of 'Afternoon Tea'! : )

Just to update this post - OMG imagine my delight my friend told me that SweetTooth is opening a second shop in the Northern Quarter! Wherever I am, work, play  or home, I'll never be too far from a 'Grace Jones' ….. 'Valrhona chocolate ganache adorned with a maraschino cherry'

I for one cannot wait for the opening of SweetTooth2!
Mrs O

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