Sunday, 23 October 2011

Things I didn't expect a Pastor to say...

Today at church we were really blessed to hear a guest Pastor, Bill Wilson speak about his life, his testimony and his ministries... it really was harrowing but he told it with humour and I hope to get the chance to meet him again. I left inspired to act and do something(!) - the perfect outcome from going to church in my books. Here are some of the highlights:

"On your seats you should have a calendar, it's not for you to know the date - you have your cell-phone for that, it's so you know what you can do to support the ministries and when! Ladies, put it in your purse. Fellas, if you got a purse with you today, I don't even know what to say!" ahahaah! No further comment necessary!

"You young ones think you know everything, what because you got an ''iPhone...?!'" - just hilarious!

"...and the guy stood up to me, and I thought 'you made a big mistake there Mr, 'cos I'm gonna bust you up - in the NAME of Jesus!' wasn't a very 'Christian' thought, so I had to bring Jesus into it!!!" In the context of his testimony, I'm pretty sure I would react the same way. If ever I have similar thoughts (and I'm talking only twice in my life so far), I'm left feeling like a 'bad' Christian... but actually, I loved that he made this comment because it shows that just because you call yourself a 'Christian' it doesn't stop you from experiencing human emotions and you're still as 'real' as you were before you got saved or became a believer.. loved it!

"I've been through a lot, no-one survives THREE plane crashes, I've had a bullet in my head, I live in the ghetto in New York city, I've witnessed several homicides and was just a metre away - don't question why I'm tough! Quite possibly I loved this even more, and it totally explains why some people don't bother sugar-coating the truth - sometimes it just is.

"Your brain is not even capable of thinking until you're at least 26, 28; so if you're 14 and you think you're in love, you're a moron!" Did he just call our young people morons! LOL!

"If you loved me, you wouldn't be able to hurt me that way...grown folks, do you understand what I'm trying to say without saying what it is that I'm trying to say...?!" As wordy as it reads, I understood perfectly.

I loved how real he is. He gave me a good reminder of just how much we have:
- the opportunities (we all get educated till age 16 - regardless of our parents income, the security for our health
- if you're sick, within 7 minutes (give or take a few) an ambulance will be there to get you(!)
- dammit, we were free to leave our homes and go to a comfortable building and hear the word of God - so many people in our world have to pray in secret!  Needless to say I'm feeling really blessed this evening... and loving it.

If you haven't come across Pastor Bill Wilson before - check him out today! I think he's pretty darn fab - now I'm off to add him on Facebook!

Mrs O
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