Saturday, 14 April 2012

Grateful kids are just adorable!

Today, we attended another kid's party... the birthday girl was so gracious and they are such a lovely family and the kids had a super time too....

It is just such a nice feeling for me to see kids who are grateful for what they're given, which these days seems to be more and more...

A friend posted this recently on her wall, and I thought I'd share it too... its LOVELY and actually brought a tear to my eye - consequently Mr O thinks I'm insane...but still, its beautiful to see a kid excited to receive PJs and Oreos for her birthday...!

Friday, 6 April 2012

What is Easter about? NOT Jesus' birth, that's for sure!!!

Recently I was walked into a shop and left FLABBERGASTED by a boy who knew NOTHING about the meaning of Easter...this is how it went down... I was standing minding my own business in a shop queue, there were about 3 people ahead of me, a school boy and a security guy. The school boy appeared to be on work experience and was helping shoppers to pack their bags. There were ridiculous amounts of 'Easter-related' treats scattered all along the till area.

Security guy [clearly bored and wanting to start conversation]: Do you know what Easter is about?

School boy [laughing]: Yeah, it's about when the Easter bunny brought eggs!

Security guy: Be serious, what is Easter about?

School boy: It's to celebrate Jesus' birth innit! 


Security guy: Are you serious? So what do you think Christmas is about then?...what do they teach you in school... were you born here?

The boy was deadly serious, albeit a little ashamed of himself by this point!

School boy: Yes.

Security guy: Easter is about when Jesus died to save the people!

School boy: Oh, but I'm not Christian innit, so I don't need know about it...


Security guard: But this is a Christian country! Do you school here?

I'm not sure why the security guy asked this, unless he thinks wearing a school uniform and helping out in a shop is a new London fashion trend for 15 year old boys! But still, he took the words right out of my mouth!!

Security Guy: I didn't even school in this country and I know what Easter is about...this is shameful, you should be embarrassed....

I just stood in the queue shaking my head. A small part of me felt sorry for him, but mostly I was just shocked that a boy could be born and brought up in this country and think that Easter is about when Jesus was born?!!!! But then again, if all you see at Easter are eggs and all you see at Christmas are pictures of a fat bloke in red, then who should I blame? I don't blame him, I blame the system. I think that although we're responsible for our actions and all that, we are largely governed by our society and our environments (but that's another issue!)..but when the system fails you, it's YOUR responsibility to educate yourself darnit!

I honestly didn't expect the kid to recall what Jesus and his Disciples ate at the Last Supper nor do I expect him to know what Jesus shouted as he was crucified but at least have a clue about the reason for the season?!

His reason of 'I'm not Christian' was the worst part of it for me...after all the world has gone through in the last 10 years, surely tolerance and understanding of different beliefs should reprioritised on the school curriculum! CRIKEY!

I relayed the story to my sister, as I often do on a lunch break, and her sarcastic response was:

'well, do you know how many pillars of Islam are there?'

FIVE! I know that because I was taught in school - in England, which is NOT a Muslim country! I also know the Jewish holy book is the Torah. I know that Hindu's believe in Karma. All this I learnt in school before I hit the real world...I don't think I deserve any praise for this mind you, we live in a multi-cultural society and it's my responsibility to know this stuff. BUT still, I maintain England is a 'Christian' country. At the risk of sounding like a fascist,I think ALL children in this country should know the difference between Easter and Christmas! If I raised my kids in Thailand, I would be equally horrified if they couldn't explain what enlightenment and Nirvana were about!

OK rant over because Baby girl is demanding attention - but I could go on! I think I should write to David Cameron or someone more influential!, cos if there are other kids (or adults for that matter) that don't what Easter is about, he should introduce some sort of emergency legislation!

Happy Easter - remember the reason for the season....


Monday, 2 April 2012

Little Miss O says the funniest things...

Little Miss O: I'm excited Mummy!

Me: Awww, that's sweet darling - why?

Little Miss O: Because I love you!
[Big cheesy grin followed from her, as she knows I love it when she answers my 'why' questions with 'because I love you' lol!]

Me: Awww, I love you too baby.
[seconds later]

Little Miss O: I've got a bogey in my nose. Do you want to eat it?!

I should add at this point that she has never seen me eat a bogey - not hers, not mine! No bogeys have been eaten - EVER! But for some unknown reason, my cuteness decided that I might like one anyway! Ewwwwww, right?! ahahahahah.... so gross, but so cute! Kids eh, you've just got to love them!!

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