Friday, 21 May 2010

Hair today, hair tomorrow...

OK, so today, the sun was shining, the weather was sweet, girls were wearing maxi dresses and guys were walking around in Havianas! The breeze was blowing and the blossom (or 'flower snow' as Little Miss O calls it) was dancing (literally) across my path. I was in complete awe of today and walking in the sun (to get my nails done, but that's a different issue), I had time to think about my impending hair appointment...sigh...

I've booked my hair appointment, to have extension twists put in - but why? Because I am 'bored'... because my hair is not that versatile at the moment? Why have I already spent 30 minutes scouring images on google; spent 10 minutes moaning (and I hate moaners) about having to get my hair done? Why am I planning to spend at least 20 minutes selecting the perfect brand/colour/length/texture of packeted/boxed hair, 40 minutes driving to and from my hairdresser's house and then a further 4+ hours getting a numb bum in her chair! Why? Because I am 'bored'? It seems like a lot to go through to avoid boredom? Isn't it?

Surely, in that time (nearly 6 hours) we could drive to Blackpool, enjoy the sun, sea and sand, have a picnic, eat ice-cream and then come back again - or I could 'get my hair did'...

To top it all off, I will have to spend a good few hours taking it out later on - this would either be whenever I get 'bored' (the irony is tear-inducing) again, or when the (fake) hair starts to look messy..

This of course is all before I consider the cost of doing all of this - it's true, time IS money!

So, I have 36 hours to decide whether to relieve my supposed 'boredom' by
a) being creative, and, for want of a better expression, sucking it up and continuing on my natural hair journey 
b) conceding that I have exhausted my creativity with my current hair length and accept that having extensions will allow me to experiment in other ways. 

I know which way I am swaying!

Mrs O

Tuesday, 18 May 2010, I need a new look...

Basically, I'm bored.

I had wanted to cut my hair and do the whole afro-centric thing for ages...I'm talking years here... I love my hair, feeling it's texture, learning how it responds to different products, creating new products - becoming a mixtress yadayadayada... BUT because my hair doesn't seem to grow that fast, I am getting impatient! Fine, I have embraced the teeny weeny afro and my face is now synonymous with a (or multiple) hair flowers..but I'm feeling like a totally new me these days - this means new hair!

So I need a new look, a new hair style, still afro-centric, but not an actual 'fro - I've done this look already. I want a completely fresh do...a never before seen on me look (which doesn't involve the creamy crack - relaxer)!!!

Google images here I come... 

Mrs O

Monday, 3 May 2010

Too Much, Too Soon?

Yesterday, we accompanied a friend to a new church - all three of us loved it. We were really impressed at the age of the congregation - I mean, over 60% were under 30 years old (I'm guessing) : ) I always say that, if you can get young people to church, then you're doing something right. Needless to say, we plan to go back next week!  : )

The sermon was about - having too much, too soon or doing too much, too soon - how many of us have done that? I know I have...and whilst it has all worked out fine for us (thanks to God's grace), it was, at times, a needlessly stressful journey... The pastor spoke about how us young people want to finish uni, get rich, buy a flash car, buy a house, see the entire world in 3 months, buy another house, get married, have kids, start a business and all before we're 30! umm... why? Why are we in such a rush? Why do we want everything now? Why can't we wait? If we have it all by the time we're 30, what's left for the other 50 +? hmmm

The pastor likened the relationship between 'us and God' to that between 'parents and children'. I understood this analogy only too well! I am now officially both a parent and a child : ) I tell my daughter on a daily basis, 'wait', 'soon', 'maybe later', 'perhaps you should hang on a minute'...yet she doesn't understand why she has to 'wait'..why must she 'hang on'... I say these things because, I know better (at least I think I do), and that's why I can make these decisions for her...until she's equipped to make them for herself. If she had her own way, she would indeed eat 100 biscuits for breakfast, ice-cream for lunch, and cake for dinner! I know if she did just that, she'd be sick - and no-one would be happy!

In the case of our relationship with God, we pray and pray and pray - 'God, please let me get into this uni'; 'God, please let me get a good job'; 'God, please let them agree to give me a mortgage' and so on and so on. Sometimes, we think God isn't listening because he hasn't answered our prayers, but really, he's saying 'Not yet, I have a better Uni for you, where you'll meet your best friend for life!' or 'hold on, if you get that job, you'll have the colleague from hell - I don't want that for you' or 'it's not time, the house next door to the one you think you love will be up for sale in 2 years, and it will be £20k cheaper - leaving you money to furnish your house to perfection!'.

It is so true - God's time really is the best time.

Yesterday's sermon really spoke to me. Am I alone, or do all of us young-uns want it all now?

In a world of credit cards and 'buy now, pay later' - how do we re-train our brains to just be content with the many blessings we do have, be glad, and rejoice in them? How do we plan for the future without living in the future instead of today...?

I guess my Mum's advice holds true, plan, pray and play! I we continue to plan, pray and play whilst God is working it all out - surely it'll be smiles all round?

Mrs O
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