Monday, 2 April 2012

Little Miss O says the funniest things...

Little Miss O: I'm excited Mummy!

Me: Awww, that's sweet darling - why?

Little Miss O: Because I love you!
[Big cheesy grin followed from her, as she knows I love it when she answers my 'why' questions with 'because I love you' lol!]

Me: Awww, I love you too baby.
[seconds later]

Little Miss O: I've got a bogey in my nose. Do you want to eat it?!

I should add at this point that she has never seen me eat a bogey - not hers, not mine! No bogeys have been eaten - EVER! But for some unknown reason, my cuteness decided that I might like one anyway! Ewwwwww, right?! ahahahahah.... so gross, but so cute! Kids eh, you've just got to love them!!


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