Wednesday, 21 April 2010


academimum? what... an academic mum!

a phd student who is a mum is pretty much unheard of... but why... because:

(mum x phd student) = (stress at home x stress at work) = (stressed by day x stressed by night) = recipe for disaster!

By the sheer grace of God, I submitted my PhD today...yes I am crazy to do this and raise a happy toddler, but so far, it appears that I'm pulling it off...I'm very very lucky!

wooo hooo! I've been reflecting today on just how darn hard it has been to juggle these two demands...on top of being a wife and keeping our home reasonably presentable! It really helped that I have a great support network, a great (though sometimes annoying boss), an amazing set of girlfriends, an encouraging family and an ever-helpful, kind and patient Husband. Nonetheless, the past two years have been mighty hard.

A friend summed it well when he said " If you have your fingers in so many pies, how will you find time to eat any of them?" He wasn't actually talking to me, but he has a really good point. Is it not better to concentrate on one or two things and do them well, with all your heart and soul, instead of doing more things, but less well? 

Funnily, even though I've just submitted my PhD, I'm already thinking about my next project and I've decided that they are going to be 100% Mr O and Little Miss O - ONLY! Any other wild ideas I have will just have to remain hobbies. These very special people deserve my attention and they're going to get it.

It's all about 2010!


Mrs O

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