Thursday, 3 June 2010

Twists, Bells and Paris

So, the much-discussed hairstyle (I got the twists) was debuted in Paris on our mini-moon - part two.

You see, after our wedding in January, we had a lovely time being snowed in at The Bell. Here, the food was exquisite, the room light and airy and truly perfect for post wedding relaxation.

Our attempt at capturing 'EUG hearts MEL' in the snow.

Our second mini-moon (Paris), was completely the opposite, it was full on fabulous. We did everything listed on our carefully planned itinerary. Mr O booked it all, to coincide with our 6 month anniversary and we stayed at the gorgeous Villa Lutece Port Royal. It was perfectly quirky and boutique, with fantastic staff - just how we like it! 

We visited the usual tourist hotspots, climbed the 300 steps up to the La Basilique du Sacre Coeur and bargained for beautiful ribbons and buttons from the 1920s in Les Puces market - Gok Wan - here I come!

The entire trip was fantastic and has completely renewed the feeling that 2010 is our year! The highlight was by far the bateaux parisiens. Mr O had organised for us to have a stunning three course meal on board this plush boat, entertained by a live jazz band. We sailed along the Seine and watched day turn to night, after which the Parisian illuminations filled the whole boat with excitement. We ended the evening dancing, with strangers, speaking a variety of languages and had such an amazing time. There were professional photographers on board, so we have a lovely new picture to add to our wall! Now all I need is a new frame! It was completely amazing - my husband (I can't get enough of saying that) is completely amazing!

I totally have to recommend mini-mooning. Why have one get-away when you can have lots of mini ones! It has been something for us to look forward to, limited post-wedding blues and we had the most fantastic time. 

Thank you Mr O!

Mrs O


  1. When u said u guys were snowed in, I said "awwww." I and hubby r 6 months too...I'm now looking forward to mini-moons. Lol :)

  2. congratulations to you too then!!! Mini-moons all the way I say! : )


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