Saturday, 24 July 2010

I like big butts and I cannot lie..

We all know and love Sir Mix a lot's song, 'Baby got back'. You know, the one that goes: I like big butts and I cannot lie, you other brothers can't deny..' tra la la la.

We love it right? Well, when our two year old burst into singing this whilst we were browsing (not buying) in Molton Brown today, we prayed for the ground to swallow us up, right then and there! Ordinarily, this latest Molton Brown episode, may have made me laugh, but given the equally awkward public appearances we have had recently, I was mortified!

In the supermarket the other day:
Little Miss L: Mummy, I'm scared, Mummy that scared me!
Me: What scared you.
Random (very hairy headed man): Umm, I think she's scared of me!

[floor please give way now!!!] 

Another example: in Sunday school, the kids were learning about Noah's Ark.
Me: What's that sweetie?
Little Miss O: A pirate ship!
Me: Umm, no sweetie, it's Noah's Ark...see look, there are the animals going in 2-by-2. Which animal is that?
Little Miss O: Its an alien!

[pastor, please don't judge me]

And the -ism that really shocked me - upon seeing a little boy, Little Miss O shouts out
'Hi Boy! He's got a willy!'

[oh my actual goodness!]

You have to love the innocence behind her comments. Why not just tell it like it you see it? Why not say what you mean and avoid confusion! They do say that we are only really born again when we become like a child again.. (another story for another day). These incidents have made us realise though, that our daughter is her own person, we cannot control her thoughts, her comments, and ultimately, we cannot 'control' her behaviour. We can only guide, support and encourage her to be the best kind of person that she can be.

But what is that?

Time will tell I suppose, but for now I thought I'd just document these -isms of hers to serve as a reminder for the future. Tweenager and teenager-hood sounds like remote concept to me now, but given how quickly the last 2 years have gone, I can imagine I only need to blink a few more times and it will be 2023! Hopefully when our gorgeous little daughter becomes a terror-of-a-teenager and she's resisting my attempts to 'make' her see sense, I want to remember:

When she was two, you couldn't control what she thought, said, or did - so give up now Mrs O! Just guide, support and encourage her. Remember that there are no such things as mistakes; only lessons learned.

Mrs O

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