Saturday, 6 November 2010

All will be God's grace!

I have FINALLY finished a final draft of my thesis following my examiners feedback.... dun dun dun....

Thanks be to God for giving me the energy, creating the time and space for me to think through enhance my thesis. Really, I should be saying thanks for the opportunity! Thank God for providing Mr O, who is ever supportive. I really couldn't wish for a better husband - Mr O - you rock!! Thank God for Little Miss O - that she always -ALWAYS brings a smile to my face..even on the the roughest of days. Thank God for my Mummy who is always there when I need her...helping with maintaining our home whilst I am busy with work/study/Liana. Mummy dearest, you're officially the best. I wish that day by day, I could grow to have your patience, grace and kind heart.

I'm pressing 'send' today on my thesis resubmission email, and I pray that God helps my examiners to understand where I am coming from, and for them to pass a favourable opinion of my thesis and let me graduate (lol)!!!! Ultimately though, I surrender this situation to the Lord Almighty...there is no point pretending it's all down to me... it isn't...

Now I'm off to spend the weekend with some of my favourite people - sorting out our house(!), playing and chilling with my beau, we may even chuck in a Disney movie...!!!

Have a great weekend!

Mrs O

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