Saturday, 18 December 2010

Christmas is so nearly here....

...The last few weeks have been 'go go go...rocked it out to Janelle stuck in bed with flu and then fun fun fun'....but yes, I managed to finish off thestocking garland for Baby Girl in time for December 1st - hooray and Little Miss O successfully handed over her 'dum dums' to Father Christmas and we've not looked back since. It actually worked! Unfortunately, I've not had time to update my blog until now... Ooops! 

But, since we've been snowed indoors all day, it seemed the perfect time for a quick pre-Christmas update...

So, Little Miss O loves her advent garland - check it out...(needless to say, I'm no photographer and yes, you can see me (and the flash) in the mirror), but I'm proud nonetheless!)

Each day Little Miss O excitedly searches in the stocking to find some chocolate christmassy character or other... I have to admit, I was really disappointed that I couldn't find any 'religious' chocolates anywhere. I mean, let's all remember the reason for the season - Jesus' birth! I mean, it's not as though I am desperate for little children to eat chocolate Jesus' the world over, but if they can make chocolates in the shape of Santa, then surely they can make it in the shape of an angel or a star at least?!' Perhaps, I should have just bought Milky Way magic stars and told her they are the stars that guided the wise men!

Anyway, when preparing her advent garland, I Sat with about 30 chocolates in front of me and I felt that it was all a bit much and so I put a mini box of raisins into the 'day 7' stocking. What a mistake that was,  Baby Girl burst into tears and ran away from the raisins screaming 'that's not a treat'....OOOPS!!! I have never seen her so upset! I felt like such a Scrooge to have thought it would be a good idea to give her a 'healthy' treat in her advent calendar. So we're back to chocolate...she's happy...I'm happy! I am so pleased, however,  that I spent those evenings making the stockings and I'm really looking forward to Baby Girl and hopefully her future siblings enjoying the garland year after year...

To make sure our household does know the reason for the season, we've got lots of nativity story books, a nativity garland and we even acted out the First Christmas story with my lovely nativity figurines .... all I need is a bit if straw and it'll look like the real thing! : )

In other news, Mary had her stage debut. It was her first time speaking in front of people and she delivered her one line to perfect - 'welcome to our Christmas Concert'...I couldn't help but cheer and I think all the other parents felt they should follow suit --- each child got a big cheer following their 'bit'! ahahaha She said the words so loudly and clearly and we were SO proud. Go Little Miss O!

Here's Mary in the middle with her pals Joseph and Santa 'smiling' for their Mummies!

The concert was totally funny, with a one year old 'Rudolph', who stood on one spot wiggling her nappy! And a younger sibling of a cast-member going up to the front to help himself to a mince pie - a prop in the play!! Classic and so so  funny. Who knew being a parent would bring such experiences so early on. We loved it...and then treated Baby Girl to a babyccinno to celebrate her success! : )

The Christmas Concert totally marked the real child-like excitement for Mr O and I, and topped off by Christmas Parties in the evening, we are well and truly feeling the festive feeling! 

The only thing I have to work on and plan is how I'm gonna funk up our Christmas Dinner. Last night, my meal was, let's just say 'uninspiring' - thank goodness the company was good!

I hope everyone else's preparations are going well...

Mrs O


  1. hahaha!! ooops at the raisins- bless her. how do they get so clever so quickly?? i'd have thought with raisins being sweet she wudnt notice. poor diddums.

    congrats at losing the dummy- shame zinachidi is full on sucking both fingers. she can't "lose" her fingers or give them to santa.

    LOVE her in that xmas play shot. you're such a good mummy. making all this effort. i have bought stuff but not made anything whichis more personal. Just looking fwd to all the family time, food, carol services and fun times!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. I keep saying I want to get a nativity scene...they always look so good!


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