Sunday, 16 January 2011

Natural hair and professionalism

I've just taken out 6 weeks worth of twists and have spent the last day or two looking at hair styles etc to do with my current 2 inches of afro hair. In my youtube-fest, I came across this video of a US news anchor, Rochelle Ritchie - she big chopped her hair - and ratings have gone up!

In a professional job, it's important to look 'professional' and often this mean long/slick/smooth/straight hair, possibly with a bit of wave/curl. To most of us though, when we picture a professional woman, we probably don't see a a woman in a suit with 'kinky' or 'coily' hair.

Well, Rochelle Ritchie has shown that if your own hair is suffering from constant weaves/braids/relaxers and you wish to, then yes, you can wear your hair naturally and still look professional. 

I love her story. 

I'm inspired. 

I had to share.

Mrs O


  1. My friend (who just went natural) and I were just having this conversation. As long as you OWN your hair, it'll be professional and people will take you seriously.

  2. Totally. I've got to say, I've been loving my fro at work this week and have received lots of compliments. I guess I must be beginning to 'own' my hair : )p

    Good luck to your friend on her 'natural hair journey' : )


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