Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Little Miss O says the funniest things...about poo and willies! : \

So, yesterday was Mother's Day here in the UK and Little Miss O and her Daddy took me to the farm - an ice-cream farm! It really was such a lovely way to spend the day...really!

This was Little Miss O's first trip to a real 'working' farm, where she got to see the cows being milked and even have a go with a 'pretend' cow. She loved seeing the pigs sleeping in their own doo doo (I think I am giving up pork as a result of this guys!).. she also loved seeing the miniature horses and stroking the fluffy sheep! I even plucked up the courage to touch the animals - errrrr the things you do to teach your kids eh!

Pigs at Cheshire ice-cream farm

Anyhoo, onto the funny part - when one of the cows had finished being milked, she (the cow) started walking away with her (cow) pals. Then suddenly, milk started to leak from her mahoosive udder. Cue Little Miss O, shrieking with excitement:

"ooooh, THAT's a big willy! Look, he's wee'd himself!"

Again guys, can you spell mortified! The whole crowd (and there were LOTS of kids, parents, Grandparents to witness the scene) burst out laughing! I shrunk, and then once I had recovered from the initial horror (!), I decided to educate my child. I explained that 1) its a female (Mummy cow), because only 'Mummy cows' have milk; 2) as she is a 'Mummy cow', she doesn't have a 'willy' but has 'udders' which are just like (and I used this loosely!) Mummy's breasts; 3) the cow wasn't 'weeing herself', but her milk has just leaked...

She seemed to understand the female/male issue but still looked concerned that the cow did not use the toilet for her 'wee'... I mean, even Little Miss O understands that you should not 'wee' on the floor...

This incident, coupled with Little Miss O complaining every 5 minutes that 'it STINKS here', 'it smells of poo poo Mummy, yuck!' made me SO happy that we took her. Let me tell you, we are NOT 'farm people', we are very much urbanites - and happy with this BUT we want Little Miss O to have experiences - we want her to know that the 'poo' smell is manure and cow pats! We want her to be knowledgeable - even if that means spending the day at the farm! For us, a farm that makes ice-cream (that was near orgasmic, I have to add) was the perfect day out for us...and an easy way to ease us into the outdoors. We're looking forward to doing more things like this with Little Miss O...not just on obligatory holidays, but regularly...

Happy Belated Mother's Day

Mrs O


  1. kids say the funniest things! thanks for sharing the laughs :)

  2. LOL...thats a good outing. And happy mother's day to you!


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