Sunday, 19 June 2011

40 days of thankfulness

I've not had a chance to update my blog this week but I have been keeping track of my days of thankfulness and making quick notes in my iPhone! I don't know what I did before this phone of mine- well actually, I carried my notebook - I still do most days but there's something nice about not having to rummage in my satchel for a pen that I like...

Today is day 28/40... This is going really quickly. So to round up my week:

Day twenty-three: thankful for people that say the right thing at exactly the right time, without really knowing how powerful their testimony is to me. This happens to me a lot actually - perhaps they know something I don't... perhaps they're angels...or perhaps I just hear what I want to : )

Day twenty-four: thankful for finding time to read by book.I sadly find it hard to make time to just sit down, chill and read for pleasure. Today I did- yey!! I'm loving 'eat, pray, love' and I'm fantasising about someday, one day, having a similar sort of book published. Someday...

Day twenty-five: today was such a productive day at work. You know one where you're in the zone and just feeling positive. I also felt really good that I work amongst people that make me laugh. I love to laugh- I'd laugh all day if I could, but then people may think I'm crazy....

Day twenty-six: we got home to find a parcel, for baby girl. It was a little baby doll (that looks like baby girl) bought by a wonderful couple of friends of ours who live in India and the UK. They're such a wonderful couple and I'm so happy to call them friends. Today I just felt so blessed on behalf of our daughter. She is so so loved and probably has no idea how much and for this I'm eternally grateful!

Day twenty-seven: thankful for stumbling into Selfridges today and meeting an international make up artist call George at the Bobbi Brown counter. She was a White lady with a fro! This, I love! She showed me how to do the most fabulous nude lip. I had no choice but to treat myself. Sure she was only doing her job, but for a dew moments, I felt fabulous!!! Also thankful that I am fit enough to run from the bus stop to the train station with a suit ass and a bag of shopping!!! I caught the train to London and spent the evening attaching up an old(my second oldest) friend.

Day twenty-eight: thankful for being able to confide in old friends.

Mrs O

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