Monday, 4 July 2011

Little Miss O does the funniest things...

Little Miss O snaps a crayon, on purpose whilst drawing.

Me: Don't break your things, you wont be able to use them in you break them like that.

I turn around, and Little Miss O has found a stick of glue (I won't disclose which brand as they have not paid me for advertising!) and she is trying to glue the two pieces of crayon back together...

I wanted to burst out laughing, but she was concentrating so hard and seemed really determined. I had the mind to lay the crayon down and replace it whilst she sleeps with a fresh, unbroken yellow crayon... I thought, all that effort...for nothing! I did think this with a sneaky smile though and decided not to reward her breaking of crayons with new crayons - probably not the best lesson for a 3 year old! Instead, I explained sensitively:

'I don't think its going to work darling, you'll just have to use a different colour'

The response I got was what can only be described as a 'death stare'. This is a stare that I recently being made aware of it. It's one of those, 'if looks could kill, then this one would, except that I would never actually kill you with anything other than my cold hard stare'... Apparently, I have been doing this stare for years and its only at work(!) that someone thought to tell me about this. Thanks family!!!! : ) Anyway, Little Miss O gave me the death stare! Its the first time that I've been on the receiving end and ouch - its a wonderful yet sometimes dangerous thing to have such an expressive face - you can always tell what I am/she is thinking...

I just had to note this down somewhere so that when she is all grown up and possibly and artist or a joiner or maybe even famous for pulling funny faces like Jim Carey, then I can remind her of this!

Thanks for giving me such funny moments Little Miss O

Mrs O

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  1. Eyahhh. Lol. I can't imagine how hard it was to hold yourself back from replacing the crayon.


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