Friday, 5 August 2011

Trainers or Running Shoes - that is the question?!

So, if I'm going to make the most of my gym membership, I need to be kitted out. Ok - fine, I don't need to be kitted out, BUT I will feel like I fit in with the rest of cute gym bunnies there and besides I need to reward myself for taking the big step towards membership!! : )p
I used to have some cute gym attire but for the life of me, I have no idea where it is now - and finding them, only to realise that they don't even fit anymore would just depress me into staying home!
So new gym gear it is!
I did look in my wardrobe for clothing that is suitable for the gym and my entire non-work wardrobe is (in every possible way) unsuitable for the gym or work out classes. I suppose I had it easy when I wore a vest top, leggings and heels to my burlesque class! 

I usually hate shopping (I must be the only woman to say that!), but when it comes to shopping for gym stuff, I'm really looking forward to I can even do it online on my lunch-break - gotta love a bit of multi-tasking...

I love the just-seen pink socks and nails!

So, here's my list so far...

- a couple of cute little flannels to mop sweat from my neck (ewww!), if I don't sweat, I feel like I am not really working out but just at the gym for the sake of saying that I go. Basically, I have to sweat it out whilst I work it out!
- gym top(s) that cover my U.G.L.Y sports bra - my shock absorber is great for reducing bounce BUT it really is about function and not fashion - thus I need something cute to cover it!
- gym bottoms - tight fitting so I don't get stuck in a machine and also sweat-wicking!!!
- a functional and more visually appealing sports bra...I'm going for bonus points girls... 
- running shoes/trainers (what's the difference even?!)
- new ear phones so I can get in the zone and work it!
- a reusable water bottle - its not about buying bottled water guys - unless its 'One' water and then I can forgive you!
- gym bag : )p - because I am not a bag lady and refuse to carry my clothes in plastic carrier bags! : )P

I feel like my list is quite comprehensive, but am I missing anything?! Do I really need all these things to go to the gym...?

Until next time...



  1. lol...i usually hate shopping too so you're not alone.

    Looks like you've got everything cover...I'm weary about tight fitting pants. I'd hate to have obvious sweat patches...ewww!! Lol

    Well good luck on your workout journey. send some motivation my way, please.

  2. I don't like shopping too, lol. I exercise in my house, maybe a gym and all these stuff will help in my weight loss goals?

  3. Wow... your list is comprehensive. I usually workout with yoga pants, shorts bra, tank top, sneakers, and headphones. I usually drink water from the water fountain. LOL. You're off to a good start. Happy workout!


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