Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Part iii: Taking care of me!

Taking care of meeee...!

So, I have a system for keeping childcare and home in order, I also have a few things that I do to make my journey to and from work a little easier.. but I also need time for me, right?

Here's what I do:

- I have a restricted work wardrobe. I did a mini spree pre-new job and only bought clothing in 4 colours - navy, black, white and grey. This is now my work uniform. Gone are the days of wasting time thinking ‘hmmm, what shall I wear today’ and ‘oooh, where is that red cardigan that works with the purple dress’ DONE! Now, I just grab key staple pieces from my wardrobe and only have to select an (obligatory) pashmina and some form of jewellery to juj up my outfit...and I’m done. Today, I got dressed in less than 4 minutes! Check me out. Less time faffing = more time sleeping and Lord knows I like my sleep!

- Take my loooong shower at night and my short shower in the morning. I used to do it the other way around but it seems to work much better the new way! 

- Eat breakfast in the car. Genius - though this may possibly be 'against the law'! I'm never hungry when I just wake up. I could easily go until midday without noticing that I haven't eaten. Not good I know. Breakfast is supposedly the most crucial meal of the day, so scoffing an apple, bagel/brioche and sometimes a banana (can you scream foodie!) whilst driving is working well so far. I used to do this too when I worked just 15 minutes from home. I just don't do eating first thing...

- Do my make-up whilst sitting in traffic. Again, this may be ‘illegal’ and I promise I only do it when my car is stationary and secure. Also, I see LOADS of other women who are clearly onto the same thing! It seems strange that car manufacturers don’t put in a magnifying mirror specifically for this purpose! I’m serious - VW take note!!!

- Pop those vitamins and supplements!

- I have also officially decided to run on my lunch-break. I plan to do this twice a week.. we'll see how this goes!

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  1. you remind mii of my sister

    driving and doing make up


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