Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentines Day Rant - Scrooge much?!

Year after year, I'm becoming more and  more of a Scrooge when it comes to Valentine's Day. Little Miss O said it herself: 

"... I don't like Valentine's Day..it's not fun. Chinese New Year is fun, Christmas is fun, Daddy's birthday is fun, but Valentine's Day is NOT fun!

I have to say, regardless of whether or not it's 'fun' - I just don't like what the whole concept has become. SO COMMERCIALISED and even when you hand-craft things, it still feels, dare I say, 'forced'! I mean 1 Corinthians 13 didn't mention flowers?! 

It's ironic, because I am generally all about the love, the passion, the fire yada yada yada..I'm totally pro-appreciation BUT I hate the idea of feeling obliged to do things. I guess you could call it a pet peeve. I hate that I'm expected to have some amazing story of all the things my Husband has done/bought to show his appreciation and love for me. Eugh!

I overheard someone say yesterday: 

"If you think someone's going to get you a card, you should get them one too - otherwise they might feel bad"

I'm not being funny but I hoped she wasn't serious! I really REALLY would not to get anything from someone who didn't really REALLY want to give it to me. Period.

Gosh, I am a Scrooge aren't I!?!

I've endured enjoyed a whole host of Valentine's Day 'celebrations', including trying to 'out-canoodle' another couple at V-Day dinner. Food was good, great company (Mr O) but being surrounding with other couples all whispering sweet nothings was not for us - so we decided to just mess with the situation. It was funny - we won! Another year, Mr O converted our lounge into some form of boudoir(!) and that was fun - until things got frisky and we set fire to a cushion! Not so fun! It was a nice cushion...

I digress...

So, having experienced such  V-Day treats, I have no problem with people showing love on V-Day. V-Day is as good a day as any other for making changes and showing the love BUT I can't help but feel a twinge of hypocrisy about the situation. Do we really need to be reminded and bombarded with advertising to treat our women and men well? 

Sorry but I just don't buy it.

For me, it's the thought and the thought alone that counts. The fact that Mr O makes the effort and time to do that he thinks  I would like. I appreciate that. To be honest, I probably appreciate it more when it's not Valentine's Day and certainly wouldn't be bothered if I didn't get a card today.

As it happens, I did receive a card today, but I didn't get it until this evening and the timing of receipt had no bearing on how much I loved the words.

And just in case Mr O reads this (which he doesn't much!), Baby, I did appreciate the previous 7 years worth of meals, chocolates, flowers, candles, oils et al - even if I dis them here! lol Of course I also love 2012s glittery red card (you know I love uber-sparkly objects which can stay up on my pinboard without screaming 'V-Day is over, take me down!') and the box of Lily O'Brien chocolates. Yum. Thank you boo.

I am grateful, honest. But I would have been just as grateful last week...and if you get me the same choccies next week, I promise to be doubly thankful!

Much love on Valentine's Day (for free but with time and effort)

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