Thursday, 1 March 2012

It's official, I'm 'the nicest'!

Every night, I encourage Little Miss O to pray, to give thanks and we're generally trying to nurture her faith. She does still insist that she needs to see God's 'face', but hey one step at a time, right?! A few years ago, I made up a prayer for her to say. We've been saying pretty much every night first I just said the prayer and then later she joined in. Now she knows the words and says it by herself. All I have to do these days is ask her 'what are you going to give thanks for today?' and then she's off....

Thank you Jesus for today, 
I had fun and I did play,
I did French and I got a sticker,
And my Mummy is the nicest.
Thank Jesus,

Tonight, I was touched...Love it, love her!

I'm sure that in 10 years time, I wont give two hoots whether or not she thinks I'm 'the nicest', but for now, I'm very happy with that...!

I just wonder if my buying her a mini-magnum after nursery has anything to do with it?!

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