Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Wedding Planning Top Tips

Now, I'm no expert, I've only planned one wedding from start to finish...I did learn A LOT along the way though, and thought it would be fair to share....

Here are my top tips...

Big Tips
  • It's a celebration of love
Remember that the wedding is a celebration of your commitment to one another and of your surrendering your relationship to God. It's no more and no can make the 'event' as simple or as elaborate as your taste and pocket desires. But just remember the point of the's SO easy to get caught up in it all..

  • It's your day
At the end of the day, this day belongs to you and your Husband2b. It should reflect you as a COUPLE...and ultimately if you're not happy about something, you just gotta say...equally, if you just have to have something...just have it! : )
  • It's not ONLY your day
Whilst it is 'your' day, remember that other people have invested a lot in you, your partner and in your relationship. Your Mum might have dreamt about this day since you were born, that's five years more than you then!  I know it can feel like others' are taking over at times, but choose your battles wisely. lol Granted, accommodating your great Aunt Joy's sister's half-cousin might cost you an extra meal, chair cover and glass of champagne BUT not inviting her could end up costing you a lot more later...

  • The Marriage is most important - yes really!
Of course the wedding is an important day. Logistically, it's probably the biggest event you've had to organise. However, after the wedding day, there comes a next day and a next day. Spare some thought for the days/months/years/DECADES after the wedding...

  • Check, check and check again!
I really cannot stress the importance of CHECKING that you're legally allowed to get married where you want to. This applies not just to those marrying non-UK/EU partners, but to everyone. Check your parish, check with the home office, check with your relevant high commission, check with a solicitor, check with with your reverend, then check it all again - in case they changed the law on you! lol These links are useful 

Little Tips

  •  Don't rush decisions

You have plenty of time to plan your wedding. Take time to think about what YOU really want, and not what the latest bridal magazine says you should have. You can be flexible around things like your dress, accessories, reception venue... especially if it means you make the right choice.

  • Be time-conscious of some decisions
As a contradiction to that last tip, if you find a good photographer, florist, videographer or caterer...just book them. They offer a highly individual service, and the godo ones go quickly!

  • If you can't afford it...don't even go there!
Remember none of your guests will think, 'she have worn a', or 'they should have done xyz'. They will just see you and think you look fabulous!

  • Draw inspiration from the season
We had a winter wedding and adorned the reception with candles, gold twigs and fairy lights. Maybe, think fresh florals for spring, pine cones for autumn; fruit for summer or anything else that epitomises the season for you.
  • Don't pay for it if you don't have to
Our church was filled with flowers. We only paid £10 - and that was for the pew ends.

The reason - at Christmas time, the church ordered LOADS of flowers anyway!

The lessons - and this can be applied to anything - 1) ask questions; 2) ask for a discount 3) negotiate your package!

  • Think outside of the box
Just because it's in a bridal shop/magazine/fair doesn't mean it's the best. You can find the perfect items in the most unexpected places - just like my hair flowers from New Look : )

  • DIY your wedding!
Try making/doing things together that are fun. Perhaps collecting jam jars to place hand-picked flowers in, making your own centrepieces or stationary, or even practising to bake and decorate your own wedding cake! You'll feel a huge sense of achievement on the day and you'll be amazed at what you can do together. We made my bridal bracelet, necklace, centrepieces, stationary, table plan, and other decorative pieces! We're so pleased we put in the extra hours!

  • Make time to talk to your guests
They made a huge effort to come, possibly bought a new outfit, paid for a train/even plane ride, booked a hotel, maybe even took a day off work...some really nice ones might have gone all the way into town to buy a gift from your gift list! : ) The least you can do is say 'hi, thanks for coming'.

Whilst our guests were waiting serve at our buffet station, we walked round to our guests' tables to chat with them... we even took a few sneaky photos!

Relax and enjoy the day will be over before you know it...and you're only doing it once!

Mrs O

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