Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Project W - A*

I cannot believe I haven't updated my blog since November...especially when there is so much that has been going on. 

Shame on me! 

I suppose I've been caught up in the thick of it all...and absolutely loving it... being a Christian, a mum, a daughter, and latest of all, being a wife. wooop wooop! How unfair of me not to share the wonder that was our wedding day tehe... well... just to follow-up on 'Project W' (as it became affectionately known)... everything went AMAZINGLY. We had the most perfect and downright spectacular day! Thanks be to God.

'Project W' - in 60 seconds... 

My one true love (Mr O) and I got married on Saturday 2nd January 2010!

Following this, my cousin created an album on facebook entitled ‘if Carlsberg did weddings, they’d be probably be something like this…’ WoW, what a compliment!

We decided about half way through our 18 months of wedding planning, that we would simply ‘keep it real’. There was not a chair cover, butterfly or birdcage in sight, yet our day was as fun and fresh as we are, filled with laughter, music, family and friends, delicious food, fine wine (lots of it) and topped with festive cheer …what more could we ask for?

Looking back, our wedding was somewhat of an extravaganza...and truly the perfect way to start 2010! We had 230 very important guests (no fillers!), a sand ceremony using Ghanaian and Sierra Leonean sand, a steel band to welcome guests to Sindlesham Court, pink uplighters, fairy lights, candles EVERYWHERE, hand-made touches, a dancing entrance, a HILARIOUS best man’s speech, a stunning (surprise) dance performance by our groomsman (!), beautiful bridesmaids, one tossing of my garter to the boys (*blush*), one exploding balloon, one tower of Krispy Kremes and this was before the traditional African ‘Gombe’ drums, which accompanied our change of outfit in the evening! Phew…like I said, it was somewhat of an extravaganza... 

In it's most simple terms though, it was a *celebration* of our *love*...and we truly are in love and it feels fabulous. 

Here are a few photo highlights! 

My beautiful roses - I've kept a single flower from the bouquet and my Husband's buttonhole. They look equally stunning dried!

Our 'save the date' - we handmade all our stationary..and we're really pleased we did. It made for a lovely personal touch.

Here come the boys.. they're a handsome bunch don't you think?

Mum and I sharing a moment just before entering the church.....

Our sand ceremony. My late Father brought sand from Lumley Beach, Sierra Leone and our best man brought sand from Labadi Beach in Ghana. We poured sand into the Unity Bottle...representing that our love, as the grains of sand are individual, yet indivisible...aaaawwww...

Yey! We did it!

Our stunning bridesmaids. I love these girls, with every bit of my heart! 
Thank you for everything...

A quick shot of our table plan. The tables were named after places/points in our lives that have a key meaning. Our top table was Durham, where it all began.

Our table names. 
We are planning to up-cycle the frames as gifts, by printing our favourite pictures and giving them to special guests!

A bit of a jam during the drinks reception!

Our dancing entrance!

Us enjoying ourselves at our table...

A surprise and rather stunning dance performance by our groomsman and his girlfriend...(I'll try to post a video when I get one)

Us, cutting our cake, courtesy of Margaret Burridge of  http://www.celebcakes.com/

Our official first dance to Taio Cruz/Sugababes, like a star...  : )

Time for a few more photos...

Quick change into our evening gear...fabrics courtesy of Vogue Fabrics - http://www.voguefabrics.co.uk/ and tailoring by Mei  http://www.mei-lai.com/

A close up...

...and the beat goes on...party! party!! party!!!

and of course our photographers Lynsey and Chris, from http://www.rougeamour.co.uk/. They were 100% fabulous. Thank you! x


  1. Love it. love it. love it!

    Fab pictures hon, love the main one on the blog header, you look very model-esq!

    Congrats again - I may be tapping up some of your vendors! x

  2. Hi ibiduni4nana!

    I hope you don't mind me using your YAYW name as that is where I 'know' you from. I am 'brocade'. I don't post much but I read a lot.

    Your wedding looked amazing! Congratulations! I have been absolutely transfixed by your wedding report this evening.

    Like I said, I don't post much online but I HAD to write and say "Hi" when I saw the name of your top table. Me and Dr D. met at Durham too!

    Which college were you in? I was there from 2001 - 2005. Do we know each other?! It is a small world...

    Congratulations again. If I look even half as beautiful as you did on your day I will be delighted.

    Modern Vintage Bride (brocade) xxx

    P.S. I am Ghanaian too, like your gorgeous husband.

  3. modern vintage bride...how great to hear from you... i'll personal message you xxx

  4. Ur cake is beautiful...I love it. Congrats on your happy mariage, wish you the best in the future


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