Monday, 29 March 2010

In sickness and in health...

Today, I'm feeling rough... I told my little girl that 'Mummy's poorly'...but the truth is I'm just downright SICK!
It happens so rarely (thank God), I don't really know how to 'embrace' it.. I'm no good at leaving things to others, sitting on the sofa and watching daytime tv! It just doesn't come naturally to me... I guess it's part of the badge of Motherhood!

Anyhow, yesterday, my dearest Husband prepared a lovely meal for me, which sadly I just couldn't eat! He was up all night with me whilst I puuked my guts out, and was there again this morning. I didn't ask him to get our Daughter up and ready for daycare, but he did and all in time. It turned out she is not feeling so great either, so he dashed home from look after his girls. Bless him, he knew that as sick as I was this morning, there was no chance I could look after her properly, offering my daily doses of cuddles, crafts and general silliness!

Today I am sick  and my Mr is doing what he said he would...being here in sickness and in health. How wonderful is that, how many men make this vow, but how many would stay home to look after their wife and child?

I love that we are so high on his priority list. Of course this how it should be, but it doesn't mean I shouldn't appreciate it. Mr O... you officially got your first shout out!!!!! : )p


  1. Props to Mr O for taking care of his girls! Hope you're feeling better soon x

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