Friday, 2 April 2010

To change or not to change?

So, in my culture, getting married is synonymous with leaving my family and heading to my Husbands.... hmmmm... I like to think that I am still very much part of my original family, as much as I am part of my new family. But, the issue of changing my name is one that has me stumped.

For me, I am very excited about being Mrs O. I changed my facebook name! What more proof do you need? I haven't however changed any of my official documents... but why not? I just can't bring myself to do it... I guess, I'm scared. If I change from Miss W, to Mrs O...does that mean that Miss W no longer exists? Does that mean I am no longer part of the W clan? Or does it mean that my name has changed but I am still me? So many questions?
So my choices are:

Keep the 'Maiden' name? 
Mrs W? Doesn't quite sound right - that's my Mum's name!

Mrs W-O? That doesn't feel right either, I want to have the same surname as my children, which would make me Mrs O.

Mrs WO? Ok that is just weird to me? That's like creating a new identity all together... it would be great if Mr O was going to change it too, but he isn't. He is Mr O through and through!

So, I have decided to keep my surname, but have it officially as my third middle name. That way, I am officially Mrs O, everyone can call me Mrs O...I get the perks of being Mrs O, but I also get to use Mrs W O when I feel like it. This is especially important to me, as I want to retain my surname for work purposes. I am (by the sheer grace of God) due to qualify as a Dr this year (not a medical one, I'll be like Ross from friends!).. and after seeing me through about 20 years education, I feel I owe it to my parents.

There we have official title will be Dr Mrs W O! I kind of like that...

What will you be doing with your name post-nuptials?

Mrs O!


  1. Mrs W O was going to be my suggestion. I'm going to consider it too when my own time comes, even though my full name will be a mouthful!

    How long have you been married?

  2. I love your blog... too young to think about nuptials though. And that is a cute pic of you and your hubby. Congrats!

  3. @ Good Naija Girl! : ) We've been married for 98 days I believe.. not that I'm counting... so far it's all good! : ) Glad to hear I'm not the only one!

    @ Jasmine... thank you huni!


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