Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Wedding Stress to Wedding Bliss

There are times when you everything about wedding plan seems to suck! Never mind the cute little details, you're too busy figuring out if the Government will allow you to get married, in which church, which reception venue and caterer to book and that's if you haven't already started rowing with your fiance and questioning if you're ready to marry altogether! Breathe!
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It's understandable to feel overwhelmed and kind of like you 'just can't be bothered'! Event planning is a challenge at the best of times, but throw family politics into the equation, a dash of decision-making, a splash of other peoples' opinions and questions and a handful of trying to organise fittings/tastings/viewings around a 9-5 job...well it's a recipe for disaster really! That's why you gotta keep up your spirits! 

Here are a few tips for this stage: 

Communicate with your FiancĂ©: who better to talk to than your Mr Bride aka Groom

Let it all out to your Maid of Honour or your Mum: That's what they're there for right?

Join a wedding forum: Why seek support from strangers? Well, sometimes you don't want to tell your potential guests all the pitfalls ahead of the day?! Its nice for them to just enjoy the magic that you'll end up creating, no? Also, in general, sometimes its easier to talk to strangers, the bonus here is that you have a shared experience and probably lots of things in common! Newlyweds and 'marrieds' are your best source of information in my book and they are all too eager to share their experiences. Try YAYWweddingbee or hitched.

Hit the gym: Doing something physical will help release the tension!

Go for a massage: too broke from saving for the wedding you couldn't care less about right now!? Find your local beauty college, they usually have a salon where the students 'practice' on real people... it's got to be worth a try? They're not allowed to practice on the public unless they're good enough, so save yourself some ££££ Try London College of Beauty Therapy.

Better still, let Mr Bride do the will be a great bonding activity for you even if he's not very good at it to start with! : )

Take Time Out: Avoid anything wedding related at least until you feel better and more positive! How much can change over a few days/weeks anyway...?

Realise that it's your partner/marriage that is important and not the 'wedding': of course you know this deep down, but all the wedding mags, chats with unmarried folk are likely to go to your head a bit! Just remember this one point and suddenly, the difference between ''cerulean' and 'iris' blue becomes far less crucial to your future happiness!

Mrs O

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