Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Little Miss O is 2 and a half!!!

Dear Little Miss O,

Goodness how time flies. Today is your half birthday - you're two and a half and fabulous through and through and officially you are a toddler and not really the 'baby girl' that we affectionately call you.

Being the (chic) geek that I am, I googled 'toddler'... here is what your Daddy's favourite 'urban dictionary' had to say:

"Tiny bipolar humans under the age of 3, who can swing rapidly between endearingly cute antics and screaming, kicking, biting fits of rage. Completely unpredictable and often unintelligible lovable little walking blessings/nightmares disguised as tiny human beings with giant heads. Prone to selective hearing and repeating overheard curse words at inopportune moments. More dangerous when traveling in packs. Evolutionarily speaking, it is ridiculous that humans have the ability to reproduce fast enough to be the parent of more than one toddler at a time."

I think most of that sums you up, but you are more easy-going than raging, more fun than furious, and you are certainly a loving and lovable child. Thank God that you are and thank your Aunty Shiffy - for praying on my bump about 3 years ago that you would give me an easy ride!

You feed yourself, can get your own cup and fill it with milk that you fetch yourself from the fridge. You even know that the one with the blue lid is for you and the one with green lid is for Daddy. Hence, I secretly think you're a genius (and that you practice weights when we think you're sleeping! - you're just so strong for such a little person). You also love hide and seek and enjoy 'writing' shopping lists with me. You always seem to remember the things that I have forgotten to add. Like I say, you're a genius... that said, you still think that all black men are 'uncle', which always makes for interesting conversations with random men in the supermarket!

Slowly but surely we'll get there sweetie. I don't really know where 'there' is, but if ever a Mother was determined to make sure her daughter gets 'there' - it is me!

Happy half birthday my sweetest sweetums! Mwah with love, kisses and cuddles and more love, kisses and cuddles from your


p.s. maybe one day soon calling myself that wont sound so strange!


  1. haha!!! I love what the urban dictionary had to say about this. so funny! YAY for 2 1/2.... enjoy it, lady! Before you know it, she'll be 3yrs old. I still can NOT believe my son is turning 3 next week.

  2. awwwwwwww....dis really makes me want to have a lil girl now!
    Happy 2 n a half bday hun....n may God bless ur mummy so she can write many more stuffz abt you!

  3. I enjoy reading from you, love the pictures...too adorable for words, wow!

  4. Hey Mrs O.
    I would love to feature you in my blog.
    Please give me a shout out. (ladies.roomtalk@gmail.com)


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