Thursday, 28 October 2010

Little Miss O says the funniest things...

Me on the phone to Mr O: we're off to the shop before we head home, I need to get de-icer spray, a scraper and tights for baby girl.
Me to Little Miss O: (trying to sound enthusiastic!) So sweetie pie, before we go home, we're going to the shop to buy some tights for you!
Little Miss O: and a spray and scraper.
Me: Yes darling! You're so clever, yes, we're getting those and we're going to buy some tights for you!
Little Miss O: No, I have tights at home...
Me: I know, but we need to buy some more.
Little Miss O: I don't need tights, I have tights already!
Me: (sensing her lack of enthusiasm!) OK then, we're going to buy tights as a TREAT! (I used my extra enthusiastic voice!)
Little Miss O: (frowning) I need a different treat...
Me: What treat would you like?
Little Miss O: (now, grinning!) sweeeeets!

You just have to love Little Miss O! She is certainly her Father's daughter...talking about 'we've got tights at home!'... There is something so refreshing and hilarious about speaking with an innocent child!

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