Saturday, 12 March 2011

Japan!!! : (

Some things put EVERYTHING back into perspective, and whilst a reality check is good for some, its such a shame that next week we'll push it to the back of our minds, lose that perspective and carry on as we were - talking about something else- something that probably doesnt matter - as though nothing in the world has changed...but it has. Maybe not for you but for others. I think talking about rubbish helps keep us sane, it distracts us from real talk- from saying 'what the heck is have we done to this earth, what the heck are we making for our kids?' The world is clearly not how its supposed to be- we're so out of sync with our environment, we're so wasteful, we spend too much time and energy talking about crap! If only we could spend half our time talking/updating/tweeting to actually drive change---me included.

 i'm stepping up my game people, i feel that my actions do make a difference and i'm going to start exercising freedom of choice that i get in this country as a consumer..i'm going to start reading more and educating myself on this our world and seeing how i can make even a small positive difference. I'm probably going to continue talking/blogging/updating about things that in the grand scheme of life are insignificant- but remember this will only be a distraction. Politics, consumerism, unfair trading laws, corruption are all heavy topics n topics that always leave me feeling emotional and fearful that God is angry that we've messed up again and that another Noah's ark is on its way! It makes me fearful that i might not be chosen to get on the ark too!?!?! So, to save me getting too into all of that i.e to my own detriment i'll continue talking about parties, cute finds, funny things my daughter says ... I'll talk about whatever suits me at the time but what i'll also try to do is keep perspective...

Mrs O

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