Sunday, 13 March 2011

Collection/Dancing for Jesus!

OK - So, I know I had sort of finished my recaps on my recent visit to Ghana - BUT... I just remembered something...

Out of the 11 days I was there, 3 of them I spent in church. On two of the occasions (same church), there was a collection. We were given a number of envelopes to put some cash in. Anyway, instead of someone walking round with a collection bag (as in the first church), the congregation filed out of their seats to donate. Live music was being played and the Holy Spirit was alive! Everyone was dressed fabulously - it was like a fashion show actually.

People jiggled out their seats and shimmied up to the front, busting their most 'church friendly but still sassy moves'....some people did a dance around the collection pots and the rest went back to their seats.

I LOVED IT and joined in.

But yesterday, whilst playing 'beat that clip' with Mr O, I was so happy to see something H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S! Check this guy out - he's in Church (in Texas I believe) and he is giving his collection and dancing for Jesus (or maybe someone else!) at the same time!

I had to share! Enjoy!

This guy certainly puts the praying and playing into PPP!

Mrs O


  1. He definitely has some moves!
    Hey Hun...I gave you a lovely blog award. Please check out my blog for more information!

  2. ha ha ha...that guy makes me laff soo hard anytime i watch this clip! New on your blog, love it!


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