Sunday, 20 March 2011

Mani-Pedis, Marriage and Motherhood...

This week I have done lots of mulling over of 'stuff' - stuff that I may or may not choose to blog about later. In thinking about 'stuff', I've been considering 'what will help me to be the best wife and Mummy that I can be?' It is part of my list of things to achieve after all.

That's where mani-pedis come in. Seriously, this may sound totally twisted, but day by day, I'm starting to realise that I am a pretty important person in our house. Not only am the mummy, the wife, but I'm also the first lady! 

Now don't judge me - BUT, I really think this. I am the first lady.. say it with me!

: )

These two crazy kids need me at my best...they need me in my my happiest, looking my finest...smelling my sweetest, feeling my very best!

And, this means more time for MOI! 

And that means that professional mani-pedis are going back on my 'non-negotiables' list - hooray! You know the list of 'no matter what happens, I'm gonna do this' list.. Well, regular mani-pedis are back on - as of a week ago! It may seem trivial in the grand scheme of things (but then again, most things do!), but when I treat myself in this small way, I feel good...and when I don't, I don't feel as good... 

Don't worry, mani-pedis don't complete me (far from it!), but they are just a small something that doesn't have to be done, yet I do it anyway - and that feels good, it makes me smile and I've noticed that when I'm smiling, Mr O smiles too and Little Miss O laughs!

So, hooray for mani-pedis!

A while back, I started a bi-weekly home pamper session with face mask etc but then it slipped to once a week...and then to whenever I remembered or worse, whenever I had a breakout! As of today - they're back on! Today, I got my hair and brows 'did', have done my own mani-pedi and have just had such fun with my cousin B doing an aspirin/honey face mask followed by tea tree toner and sweet almond oil moisturiser - all made by us! My skin feels so fresh, so vibrant and I feel ready for another week of madness! I'm feeling really good - and best of all none of this broke the bank!

I'm happy to have put a few things back on my 'non-negotiables' list...all in the hope of being the best Mummy and wife that I can be... I know there's a lot more to do, but at least my hair/nails will look cute whilst I attend to the other things! 

: )

What's on your list of non-negotiable 'treats' for yourself?

Mrs O


  1. I like the way you say "Non-negotiables." Lol. No one can negotiate them. As women, we always need that small special thing that makes us smile...or else, the rest of the family suffers. Lol.

  2. That's what I'm talking about. After all that hard work, the least you could do. Nice blog btw


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