Monday, 30 May 2011

40 days of being thankful: Day Eight

Today, we took Little Miss O to an art gallery. It's not just any art gallery - its one with the best food in town and one which I used to take her to every single week when she was younger. It was like a second religion for us. Baby girl was so excited to be going back and this time, we took Daddy (Mr O) along with us. He's never been before, he was always at work and he wondered why I raved about it so much.

Anyhow, we had planned to go with a couple of friends and their little ones, but at the last minute they told us that they couldn't make it. Little Miss O was disappointed that she wouldn't be seeing these little pals today but we went anyway. In the pouring rain, we arrived and ran into the gallery. I'm not sure who was more excited to be there  - I think it was a close call between us all. As soon as she had taken her shoes, coat and tights off, Little Miss O spotted 4 'friends' of hers and their parents - friends of ours. It made me realise that we are part of a little community here - the community of green-space seeking/gallery-visiting/bike/scooter-riding, raisins, bread-sticks and houmous eating-young families round here and it made us all feel good. Even though we like the anonymity of not living in our home towns (you know, where you can't leave the house without neighbour no. 1 telling you about what neighbour no2's aunty did last week), its nice sometimes - like today, to bump into familiar faces, you know, just by chance...

Day Eight: thankful for feeling part of a community

Mrs O

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