Sunday, 29 May 2011

Day Seven - Why worry when you can pray!

Today has been a good day - a great day. The 'negativity' of last week is gone and I am very much enjoying my 3-day weekend! I was especially grateful for the message preached at church today. Our guest sermon was amazing. It was about prayer and how we don't wait until the fire before we run-through a fire drill... so why should be wait until everything goes wrong before humbling ourselves, opening our hearts and minds to the word of God in prayer. Why is it that we just assume we know how to 'pray'. Fine there is no right or wrong way, but surely there is nothing worse than feeling the need to 'pray' and not having a clue where to start. I don't want to be at that place, so I'm going to step up my prayer game! I think it fits in well with my 40 days of gratitude and positivity, so I'll probably use the time when I just 'think' or 'blog' about being grateful to pray instead. I'm still going to write on here what I am particularly positive about each day (33 left!), but I'd like to focus more of my energy into prayer and sharing this little exercise with God himself. I'm really enjoying this desire in me to connect with God and build my relationship with him. I am verging on the edge of 'Bible-bashing' now (which I generally don't like!), but I totally believe in what I am saying, so its hard not to... funny how things swing around!

A really poignant point made today at church was this:

When we're going through troubles, what should we do? Should we sing 'nobody know the troubles I've seen....' Heck no! Nobody knows your troubles? - Who cares! Seriously, this is what our guest pastor said. You really have to imagine this being relayed in a thick Nigerian accent. If you were there in church this morning, you'd be able to testify to how powerful it was when he said these next words...

'who cares about your troubles - everyone has their own! Why worry when you can pray!'

So simply, yet so powerful. Sure, there will still be times when I worry (I'm human after-all!), but imagine if every time I catch myself fretting about something or other, I just stop and pray. Imagine if all the energy I put into moaning, I put into prayer instead. This is such a revelation to me - much like last week's session about positivity and actively making things happen rather than just waiting for them to happen.

For these messages and for my church, I am truly thankful.

Today, I am also thankful for old friends, who make you smile - always. Even when you see them infrequently, you're able to carry on the conversation where you left off. I'm especially grateful for said old friends who congratulate me on losing the baby-weight (I have had 3 years to do so and to be fair, I didn't actually put on any weight!). It's nice to get a little recognition from time to time - for apparently 'not letting yourself go all bleugh!' lol. Charmed, I'm sure!

Much happiness, sunshine and light.

Mrs O

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