Thursday, 26 May 2011

40 days of being thankful: Hustles, Water Guns and an obligatory 'Crazy' Lady


This morning, whilst driving to work with Mr O, we saw two guys running towards each other. One guy had just jumped off a bus, he ran, and handed his bus pass to the other guy. The other guy (this is guy no.2) snatched the bus pass and then ran onto a bus travelling in the opposite direction from the other side of the road. Mr O and I just said to ourselves... at least we don't have to hustle like that...

So, the day started positive.

And then it went downhill. Seriously downhill. As the day went on, I got more and more annoyed with things that are beyond my control. For me, being annoyed about stuff I can't do anything about is the worst reason to be annoyed...and that made me even more annoyed and even disappointed in myself for letting such nonsense affect my mood. Not good!

I was trying desperately all day to think of something particularly good that has happened - to me. But, it really has just been one of those days - sure I was about to think and so could be thankful about my faculties are in tact, but I wanted more. I wanted something to 'happen' or to come to some realisation. I was just in a bad mood and was eager to get out of the office and home. We one stop to make beforehand though  we had to take Little Miss O to the shop to empty her piggy bank and convert her coins into hard cash. She has been 'saving' for months, but recently she has been struggling to put our loose coins in there recently (the pig was full of copper!), so we had to go and today. 

We decided to let baby girl choose a little treat that she could pay for herself - she chose 'Mog the forgetful cat' and a pack of water guns which she then used to water a house plant! Her change is going straight back into her piggy bank, but now it takes up less room! So, today, I was thankful that we taught Little Miss O what can happen if you save.. you can buy yourself nice things - like books and water guns - which she loves.

But other than this, there still wasn't anything 'blog-worthy' for me to report as being a particularly positive personal experience... or is it just that the negative things are easier to see? Or is just that I don't realise all the positive things...

Anyhow, as we park up in the driveway, our local crazy lady (now, I know it's not PC, but we call her this with affection) says to me:

"Hello lady [who is she calling lady I thought, but then I call her 'lady' too, so I figure its ok!?]...are you a nurse?"

I wanted to say "no, I'm a doctor", but then I'd be like Ross from friends and have to admit that I can't help her with today's ailment. Instead, I said 

"No, I'm not"

"Are you a Mum?"

"ummm...yes, I am" I said taking my cuteness out of the car.

The crazy lady went on to tell me that she was a Mum, and that the child was mixed race and would have gone to boxing club, but 'they' took the child from her and she wasn't allowed to have the child. She said she had to have 3 operations and now she has no periods....she said that she isn't 'allowed' to be a Mum. 

This was the first time I've ever heard someone say that they aren't 'allowed' to be a Mum. I actually found it quite disturbing. She announced that she was off to post her letters and then said 

"Bye Lady"

"Bye Lady - take care" I replied. 

It was an interesting conversation. I didn't know which parts to believe to be honest, but I felt bad that that was how she felt - that she was not 'allowed' to be a Mum. It sounds silly but my first thought was 'aaaaw, I'm pleased I was 'allowed' to be a Mum'. And, I kind of liked her more than usual because she considered that being a Mum was my job.

We got into the house, and have just seen a program about 'older' Mums and the steep decline of fertility after age 35. Now, on a daily basis I feel blessed to be a Mummy to a gorgeous little girl, but  watching this program made me feel it in a different way. I felt lucky that Little Miss O was conceived so easily, in love and without IVF, no ovulation calculator, no thermometer. I'm sure I don't need to draw a diagram, but I feel really lucky to have become a Mum just out of love - and little else.

The end of the program said that the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology has suggested that school girls should be taught about fertility to help them reconcile the career/motherhood dilemma that so many women only consider later in life. 

Watching this 30 minute docufilm and my conversation with the local crazy lady made me feel thankful and just in time too! It was the perfect way for me to end my seriously rubbish work day! So, yey, I looked and I found something positive that happened today - to me! 

I'm thankful for being a Mum and for the fact that God has already taken the career/motherhood dilemma out of my hands - and transformed my life - for the better.

Sunshine, light and all things rosey! 

Mrs O

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