Thursday, 2 June 2011

40 days of being thankful: Day Eleven

Today has been one of those rough days where I've barely had time to inhale, let alone ponder upon what is 'the most positive' thing that has happened. So I suppose I should just be thankful that I can actually breathe... that I can see to type these words... that I could read all the random pieces of paper that were thrust in my face today... So many people cannot read, cannot share the written word of others, cannot share knowledge and enjoy other people's imaginations. I can. I am blessed. More to the point, I am fortunate enough to be able to read and write in English. So many cant and millions upon billions of pounds and hours are spent by people wishing they could read and write as I can. Again - I am blessed.

Gosh, to think that today I was struggling for the space to even think about my blessings. My blessings are present in the most basic of things.

In fact, just writing that makes me feel positive. I'm thankful that I have someone (someone pretty special) to come to today - after all, not everyone does. After my hectic day, I've been able to come home and off-load... relax and have fun x I am really blessed for that. So many people crave companionship - and so, for that - I'm thankful.

Day Eleven: Thankful for companionship and for being able to read and English...

P.s. if you can read this, you're already blessed!

Mrs O


  1. I join you on this, all the best!

  2. Ooo great Myne! I'll be heading over to read yours!


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