Wednesday, 1 June 2011

40 days of being thankful: Shout out to my Mr

Today has been one hectic day at work - it's been, as is common for such days, the day has passed by in a flash.

I'm still at work as I type this and in 10 minutes, I'll be leaving.. not to go home (boo!) but to a conference, where a world famous professor is going to be talking about global health and how to make the world's most unhealthy people more healthy. Now, I know this can't be done in an and a half BUT I'm going because health is one of my main passions - it's what I do for my day job and it's the only 'proper' job that I have ever wanted. Still, I couldn't do any of these random 'extra curricular' activities without the support of my super-fantabulous Husband.... so here's a small shout out to him.

Mr O - you're actually the best. No doubt ever girl thinks they're married to the bestest Husband ever, but I really really am. I am forever greatful for your support and encouragement and general good humour. I know that its hard being married to an ambitious woman, who always has to be doing something, planning something and making things happen, but just know that I appreciate everything you do and say for and to me. I really do. You (and the Big G) are my absolute strength - you're a rock - my rock and you rock!

I could go on forever, but (rolls eyes) I've gotta run. Baby, to be continued when I get back xxxx

Mwwwwwahness - always!!

Day Ten: Thankful for a super-fabulous and supportive Husband!

Mrs O

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