Sunday, 5 June 2011

40 days of being thankful: Day Thirteen

After my exhausting week, day thirteen has been really bright!

It started with me eating brekkie in the garden with Little Miss O. She picked a rose (with Mr O's help) from the bush and presented it to me saying - 'you can put it in your hair'. She knows me so well already - and so I did just that - I put the rose in my hair (sure it wilted through the day, but I enjoyed it whilst it lasted)!

I then headed off for round 2 of my volunteering. I have to admit, I almost felt like I was in my element seriously - turning one man's junk (and I use the term loosely) into another man's treasure is the epitome of recycling for me - I love it.

I'm a total moocher-turned hoarder-turned-seeker of all things with a history, a life before we 'met', anything random, anything I have never seen before and especially especially anything shiny. I admit it - I'm a magpie...or worse a baby; anything shiny and I'm salivating all over it!

Basically, I enjoyed working at the charity shop today. I loved that I did it for free and simply because I want to give back to the church and God that I get so much out of. It's not a lot of time, but its a little more than I had been doing... so its a step in the right direction : )

After the charity shop, we went to this Afro-Caribbean party in the park. It didn't exclude non-African or non-Caribbean people, but it was full of food from these nations, artefacts, jewellery, info. about fairtrade stuff! Basically, it was my kind of place to be on a Sunny Saturday afternoon...

Anyhow, Little Miss O loved bopping around to the music and playing in the park. At one point she announced 'that's Jennifer Lopez' as soon as the song started! This was hilarious for me because I have spent the last couple of weeks having the following conversation:

Little Miss O (excited as she loves X factor): That's Cheryl Cole!
Me: No it isn't. That's Jennifer Lopez.
Little Miss O: It is Cheryl Cole, she has the same hair and the same clothes
Me: No, it's Jennifer Lopez!

I was so happy to realise that she does take in what I say... when we bought ice-creams, she even said 'what do you want guys?' after selecting her own! I just felt so proud of her the whole day!

In the park, there was this swing where several swings were arranged in a circle and facing one another. It was an interesting play structure and every one commented on it. I sat opposite Little Miss O whilst her Daddy pushed her. It was great being able to watch them, whilst swinging too! Next to me was a black lady with her natural hair in rolls and next to the lady with rolls in her hair, was her daughter. Her daughter had the cutest cornrows and braids. I thought 'I want her hairstyle - for myself!'... The other Mum and I gave each other that natural-head acknowledgement; It's almost like a mutual understanding that I can't really articulate in words, but it felt good. The little girl told Little Miss O 'I like your hair!' and Little Miss O beamed. She gets this compliment quite a lot - mostly from people who want to touch her 'minnie mouse pom poms'... but I think getting such a compliment from a fellow little girl had some sort of novelty for her - it was such a cute moment!

So that small experience made me feel positive.

We rolled down a few kills, ran a few races, are a few ice-creams, went for dinner and just enjoyed the weather...

This is all a very haphazard account of my Saturday, but heck, the sun was shining and it really was a lovely day! Fine, it rained in the end and we had to rush and get all my laundry in - but hey - if doesn't rain the flowers wont grow, right and if the flowers don't grow, what will my baby girl have to give me to put in my hair? This alone will make me smile next time it rains - seriously.

Day Thirteen: Thankful for having the freedom to offer my time voluntarily, roll down hills wearing a dress and indulge in my family's culture!

Mrs O

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