Monday, 6 June 2011

40 days of being thankful

Day Fourteen: Day fourteen was actually yesterday, but I had a choice between doing a much needed face mask, hair mask and body scrub or writing on my blog. My choice is clear and its actually what by the end of yesterday I was most thankful for. It was great just to spend a bit of time with me, myself and I. It was lovely. Call me a narcisist, but I really enjoyed these precious moments with myself.

Day Fourteen: Thankful for being able to spend time with 'me'.

Day Fifteen: That is today. I popped to the bank to sort out one quick thing and ended up chatting to the customer service advisor - let's call her Annette, for an hour and a half! She asked me about my studies and work and stuff and congratulated me on being able to change my account to 'Dr'... yes, it has really taken me this long! Anyhow, I'm not at all sure how, but we started talking about houses, mortgages and kids.... some of my favourite lines she said were:

'you just don't put off children.. you just don't... unless you're waiting so you don't have 2 children in nursery at the same time?!

'some people say they're 'trying for a baby' but what does that even mean!'

'you wont find a Mother who says putting off children is a good idea... sure, the 'childless' will but no Mother would'

'once you have an age gap between the first and second child, it's easy to try for the same age gap between the next two and then by the time you get that stage, there'll be something that gets in the way...and then there's the birth...if you have one baby, you think the second time wont be as bad, but then the second time you also think you're going to when it comes to thinking about baby no3, you ask yourself 'do I really want to go through all that again?...'

Seriously, all this advice came from a stranger. The weirdest thing is that she was saying the same things that other mature women have said to me before. I'm sure they all say it for different reasons, but the advice is always the same - and she was right, I've not met a single Mother who advises 'putting off' children until X or Y or X... but I have met many 'childless' that say that... its strange.

I said to her 'Annette, you're a blessing. Sometimes people say things at the right time, even though they don't realise it... you're a blessing'. At this point, she grabbed a rather chic mid-thirties guy and told him what I had said! lol I was a bit unsure why, but I sang her praises and told him how much I had gained from popping into the bank today. It turns out that he is the bank manager. Now, I know he 'supposed' to be nice to his clients BUT we got on like a house on hire... and now we're best of friends...

Day Fifteen: Thankful to have established a good rapport with my bank manager!

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