Sunday, 1 September 2013

Return of the Mel : )

It's September 2013 and what started as a virtual siesta turned into a full on and shamefully impromptu hibernation!  I've decided to make the most of my new-found 'leisure' time and return to blogosphere. 

Don't all cheer at once now! ; )

Recently, I'm feeling reenergised by friends, family and several communities of women in my life. Its all about the circle of love. I (think I've) found my mojo and its about time I shared some of the positivity that has come my way lately, including our lovely new addition Mini Miss O.

My new blog mission statement (Mr O is clearly rubbing off on me!) - to question, reflect and share as I embrace a spiritual, loving, happy and healthy culture in our home and within our family. That seems all encompassing right  ; ) this appears to be how I roll...

Please make no mistake, I'm not promising one of those manicured blogs, showcasing glossy photos of my chocolate button kids (which I happen to have and really should take better photos of). What you see here really will be what you get, a no-frills, rice and stew, Ronseal experience.

I'm hoping to be 'back for good'- or at least for the foreseeable future - to post funnies and sentimentals, food and crafts and to keep the 'famble' up to date when I don't get round to calling you all - we are many oh.

So, post..share..and comment away and join me as I continue planning, praying and playing!

Until next time!

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