Sunday, 13 October 2013

Church hopping: plan and pray simultaneously

So, having moved house recently and having dragged our feet with finding a new church- we restarted our church hopping adventure today.

This time a baptist church. I'm one who finds it hard to get going with the church thing, but when I do-I get INTO it. Though the pace of the sermon today was a but slow, having my trusty Bible app meant I could make notes easily- and provided I don't lose them by next week Sunday, the learnings should serve me well for the week- until my next fix.

I'm not gonna try to re-preach; I'm but a baby  neonate Christian. I will however share my notes/take home messages from this morning because as the Reverend spoke, I intermittently thought 'hmmm, this sounds like the 'plan', 'pray' part of my blog. 

Take home message for me was 'learn the lesson, acquire the skill, pray on it and then start planning yourself missy!'

I try to think of myself in God's shoes sometimes. I was made in his image, right and we're both loving parents, aren't we? So, take Mini Miss O for example. The girl is literally trying to run around. She is JUST 5 months, has just about sussed out 'sitting' never mind 'walking before you run'. Obviously I know that isn't how it works, yet she doesn't. If you attempt to move her, she starts trying to escape by foot! I just laugh at the irony of course. Maybe that's what God thinks... 

'Mrs O, your 3 bed house is not even tidy, yet you want a 5 bed!' 
And in my head I'm saying 
'Hey but big G, if you give me a 5 bed without me having to work for it, I'm gonna hire a cleaner to keep it shiny as you like it!'

#God must be rolling his eyes at me! ; )

Today's message spoke to me. I got it.

The points made were (in my own non-pastoral vocab):

* The road to nowhere is difficult to build- if you don't where you're going, how will you know how to get there. #aint that the truth!

Before God can use us, he needs to make us useable #duh! How can you make an omelette without first removing the yolk and white from the shell!

* Believe in god despite our weaknesses #this is harder to digest for me

* Ask God for help with addressing your weaknesses but don't sit around waiting for a flashing neon sign to guide you #pray-make a plan- do something productive!

* Wait for God's time! #patience is a virtue indeed and like many. I suffer from hurry sickness- I want it all and I want it now. Trouble is, like many still, I'm probably not 'ready' for all that I think I want. I try to take something now from every experience-to learn the lesson in order to move onto the next. Easier said than done when you're neither feeling the lesson nor feeling patient but necessary all the same. 

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