Sunday, 6 October 2013

The way we were: Photos and 'Reverse' Second Child Syndrome

I've been thinking a lot lately about the whole 'second child' syndrome. Friends who are yet to become parents keep asking me things like 'do you feel the same love?', 'does it feel different?', 'Do you take fewer pictures of Mini because you've seen and done it all before?. 

Funnily, we might almost find reverse second child syndrome operating in our house. You see, we took lots of photos of Little Miss O using a digi cam. Yet,  just 5 years on, even though Mini Miss O is our second born, we already have more photos of her as a baby than we do of Little at the same age. The reason...smartphones!

Yet another revolution, mine courtesy of Steve Jobs.

Our daughters live in a world where I snap photos of them like its going out if fashion. Everything and anything, I snap them. When they're looking, when they're not. And why not, it's free, quick and I usually have my phone handy. I love natural shots mostly so I'm always on guard to snap them doing everyday things...

Mr O and I realised that, is their world now... Little loves taking selfies (she gets this from her Dad btw!) and of course Mini is fascinated by the flash.

Sooo unlike when I was a girl where you took a pic, wound on the camera and then waited till not only had you finished the roll of film but also delivered a little black tube and collected a coloured envelope, that you could see your photos- only to discover red-eye! It's only 25 years on really but sooo much has changed. Little has her own digital camera courtesy of her aunts and uncles and happy snaps and photoshops away- she is 5!!?! I can't even begin to imagine the type of photos she'll be taking when she has her own children...

All I can say is the development of photography in such a short space of time has been immense and I'm so grateful for it! We have fabulous records of our relationship and our girls to relive over and over and to share with our loved ones... Now, I must remember to print some of them and see which of these candids make to the wall, the album or if all else fails the digital photo frame... ; )

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